Design builder and preview version do not look the same!?


So I am having an issue with my portfolio page and it has just started happening out of nowhere. In the builder, it looks fine, but once I look on preview or load the internet (it’s connected to my domain), it just goes out of control.

Someone please help me out. Like I said, it wasn’t doing this earlier. It just started to do that for some reason.


Hi @Douglas_Fllrtn

The Bugs team will need more info to investigate this:

  • Screenshots of the differences / screen recordings
  • Which browser are you seeing this on?
  • Do you have custom code in the project?
  • Can you take a screenshot of any errors on the console?
  • What is the URL for the published site?

Here is what it looks like in the builder.

And here when I preview it:

I’m using (Chrome)

I wasn’t having this issue earlier and suddenly…
I appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Hi @Douglas_Fllrtn

Thanks for requesting this info @StuM and thanks for sharing @Douglas_Fllrtn

It looks like there’s a while scrolling Interaction causing the trouble. Once removed, you can see it behaves as expected:

I recommend editing the interaction a bit to account for this :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

Brando, you are THE guy! I had made this for mobile devices, and left it for desktop it seems. THANKS SO MUCH

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