Design alignment and adjustment

Hello! I’d appreciate guidance on the following:

-How can I duplicate the same design on the author template (attached) with the new innovative educator template (which is blank)? I bought this template so I have no clue on how to redesign to get similar design outcome. I would appreciate your guidance here.

  • How can I get the block aligned under the ‘explore-blog’ block on the innovative educators’ page? That way I can have 6 blocks that are well aligned.

  • How can I link the arrows on the innovative educators’ pictures, names and title’ to direct viewers to the innovative educators’ template?

  • On the about us page, multiple texts are showing under the educators’ corner images - I’m not sure what I need to do to fix this.

  • Lastly on the Authors page - how do I align the third block that is blocking the "team page block’ (screenshot attached).


Thank you in advance for your assistance and clarification.

Hey Tope… before anything else we need your Read Only link to look inside your project! Please provide that on this thread. If you need instructions you can watch the video here:

Thanks Noah. Here is the link -

Thank you! Give me a few to look at this…

First off… Im going to say your site has a lot of positioning issues and crazy negative values for positioning elements with margins and things like that that will only cause you problems and frustration in the future. So important to understand… and yes while Webflow is a Code Free designer/builder… it helps to know the fundamentals of how websites are built so you can structure your website builds properly. You will be blown away by how much time you will save and how complex you can build things once you have that understanding. Anyhow… I recorded two videos touching on each thing… It’s kind of long but hopefully you can get good use from them. Cheers!

Thanks for taking out the time for the video explanation. It’s taking me a while to get up to speed with webflow. I appreciate your advise on reviewing the basics - I’ll do just that. You didn’t directly answer two of my question on the placement or alignment of blocks. Here is the link to the example of what I am trying to get at -

I want the same thing replicated for my blog pages - “innovative educators” and “authors”.

Looking forward to your help.