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Just finishing up my agency’s website with new background video and thought I’d try to get some feedback! The site’s not completely finished, but the home page is pretty much done. Let me know what you guys think!

hey Jordan

Nice work, its looking really tidy - couple of notes:

  • Have you put a fallback in place for the video on mobile devices?

  • Have you considered making a navbar appear on scroll so folks don’t have to scroll back up to access it? Nice & easy to implement with webflow interactions :slight_smile:

Good luck with your agency!

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looks nice. clean simple design.

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Hey @EvanJones! I’m working on the fallback currently for mobile devices. Do you have any tips on an easy way to implement that?

I’ve also got an open support ticket and forum post regarding the navbar appearing on scroll. I had the interaction set up and working perfectly, but since implementing the background video I’ve had issues with the navbar appearing. See my post on this topic.

Different people do different things…
but for mobiles - I generally disable videos
and either show nothing or a small static image.

For example… on on cell phones - I don’t show a Hero section.

@jordanshotwell - what i’ve done in the past is set the visibility of the video background to desktop only in the settings tab.Then I add a background image to the main header container on tablet size and below. Nice easy solution :slight_smile:

Here’s an example I created recently:

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Hi Jordan !

I like the site :slight_smile: I will take another look at the nav scroll issue you mentioned… In the meantime, just a little feedback, I love the transition to mobile, looks good. I might center the text to make the tablet view, but it is just a suggestion :smile: Cheers,

it really looks very neat . Well done! Congrats!

@cyberdave good suggestion, didn’t realize that. Thanks for the feedback, and thanks @JennaF!

Just published the site at I also finalized the addition of my CMS. I used SurrealCMS with a custom login form embedded directly on my site.

Hey @jordanshotwell,
How complicated is it get CMS to work with webflow. I have a client who would love to edit their site and just like you are well aware of, I am afraid to let them in the back-end and make edits.

Let me know,


@seank every CMS is different, but I love Surreal because of the fact that it’s so user-friendly while not compromising functionality. It allows you to select editable areas of each page, and the client can edit them in a WYSIWYG editor, or you have the option to allow them to edit source code. It’s extremely versatile and you can white-label it. I love it.

Awesome @jordanshotwell . I am trying it out, but currently when i go to add pages I don’t see any of them and I have everything set-up in my ftp correctly?

I figured it out ! Thank you @jordanshotwell for sharing this awesome tool.

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