Description and image not pulling through on social


When I share one of my website pages to social (Twitter etc) the meta data and image are not pulling through correctly.

All other pages are ok, it’s just one page. I’ve deleted the image, re-uploaded a compressed version etc, it just doesn’t display anything.

What’s weird is that it pulls through the image and description on Slack ok.

Any ideas?!

Have you checked that the meta options are correct and the page isn’t password protected? I’m also assuming you published the website after making those changes? :sweat_smile:

Thanks, yeah I have done both those things.

Really strange. Other pages are fine, so it’s nothing to do with the custom code.

Sometimes it can just take a while, though it is frustrating. Try a meta checker site like Hey Meta so you can rule out whether it’s a problem with your site or Twitter.

Thanks, will check this site out!

I fixed it!

There was something — I still don’t know what — wrong with the image I was using.

It wasn’t the file size. as I’ve used bigger images before.

Who knows.

Anyway, thanks for your help anyway, appreciate it.

How strange :thinking:

Glad you got it fixed in the end!

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