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Deploying Webflow site in subfolder breaks all links

Having some issue with links on my project.

I deployed the site in a subfolder ( for testing before I’m going to make it the default site, however all links and connections point to root instead of the subfolder.

For example: Stuff that should be on is linked to instead, returning 404s.

All links to stuff like the CMS item collections etc. are auto-made through the Webflow interface.

Is there a way to tell Webflow it’s in a subfolder so that it’ll link to the correct stuff? 301s won’t work here since the links themselves are wrong, and since my old site is live I can’t go redirecting parts of the site I’m still using.

Hey @Fonsume the ‘Base Tag’ and ‘Href’ Prefix under “Advanced Settings” in the Webflow project may help you:

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Hooray! I somehow missed those settings. Thanks Justin :slight_smile:

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