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I am already having a website designed and developed in webflow let’s say which was deployed into production. Now my client asked me to change the website with new designs. So I am designing new website which was in the staging right now and i.e., None of the changes are deployed to production, in production old website is running.

My client gave me new analytics script and asked me to integrate in the current production website i.e., But I am afraid if I update this script in Custom Code(header part of the website) and publish that to production will the changes(new designs) done in will be moved to

Please help me.

Thanks in advance

Hey @KrishnaKanth , short answer, yes it would. Whatever changes you have in the designer will be pushed to the domain when you publish.

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Thanks for your quick reply @imtiazraqib

So, you say all the changes done in designing part and also in custom code part both will be published

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Yes, that would be correct.

Hey @KrishnaKanth , as @imtiazraqib stated, everything will be pushed. There could be a workaway around this though. If you had a backup of the website before you started working on the staged features, you can duplicate the current website, so the copy will act as the staged version, and then restore to the production version of the website. After that, you can just add the script to the original copy (The production website now) and republish it.
In case you haven’t made such a back-up, Webflow automatically backs up your website regularly. If you can estimate the day you started working on the staged features, a case of trial and error can help.

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