Denali - Blog HTML5 Responsive Website Template

Hello everyone.
I am new to webflow and was browsing through the templates as i am looking for a nice template where i could write articles and posts.I came across this template named Denali - Blog HTML5 Responsive Website Template and i think it would be perfect for my articles,its a free template but i have 2 questions if any one can help me answer.

1: Am i allowed to add this “copyright 2017 myname” at the footer?
2: Will this site be monetizable?


If you scroll down that page you linked to then you should see a link for the licence details which are located here :

Hope that helps a bit.

Best wishes,


Thank you very much for your reply Mark.

So i went through the licensing info and guidelines and a line said this
"You can download an altered version of a free template and host it on a different server without attributing back to Webflow."

If it was possible i would love to download the template and edit on my own and host on it on godaddy or somewhere and if possible i would also purchase so i have the right to do anything.

Is there anyway i could contact the owner of this template?

This template looks good. Maybe I’ll give it a try. Thanks!