Delver Template / Homepage


I am building my e-commerce website using Delve and I need help with my homepage image. Image on the right is in the design layout but won’t appear on the Published website. Why is this happening?
Thank you!

@Karolina What is your goal for the homepage? From what I can see now it is a bit of an odd implementation. If you want two images side by side like that and content centered in the middle you should probably make a few container divs, one to hold the images (most likely use background images inside of two more divs) and the other to hold the content itself. If they are all siblings, like they are now you’ll need to use absolute positioning, on the content and then still put the two images as background images in two separate divs (left and right).

Sorry if this isn’t clear, but I think the way you have structured this, based on what it seems like your goal is, needs to be redone.

Let me know if this is helpful or provide more detail on what you are looking to accomplish.



Hi Sam

I wanted the second image to appear a few seconds after and slide into the image.
Can you help?