Delve E-Com Template


I am building my e-commerce website using Delve and I need help with:
Calculated 13% in a separate line in my cart? I have Canada selected but I don’t understand why the tax line won’t appear

Thank you!

I believe the designer offers support. You should reach out to them.

I did and he never responded!

Sorry to hear that.

Suggestion: I think it would be better to post a topic for each of your questions, one at a time. They are different issues and would go into different topic categories. That way responses will be specific to the each question and not all over the place. From my experience, this is the fastest way to get help for something in the forums, where no other topics exist that help you resolve your issue or documentation is missing. It also makes it much easier for forum members to jump in and lend a hand.

Post your first one, and I will be happy to jump in and give that one a go!

Please see above edited.

Forum members can’t see your E-Commerce settings for your protection. I can’t review anything.

I can point you to the documentation however, in case you did not get a chance to review it.

If you your settings are complete and the behavior of a setting is not resulting in the expected behavior; I would suggest opening a trouble ticket with Webflow Support.

Hope that helps.

This is a bit crazy, my invoices have to show the tax charged on the item. It can’t be included in the price. I have done everything correctly.

Can you please tell me who to speak to to fix this?

It should be
Tax 13%

I can’t have the invoice just give a total.