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Delivery on a certain area only

Well i have a client who wants to deliver their orders in a certain radius only . So i am little new to webflow so need help how i can achieve this . Like people from certain radius can only order otherwise it would give them an alert that we don’t do delivery to other areas.

Need urgent help please.


hi @bilaalshah as this is complex topic here are basic principles

You need to ask your client if range is based on distance on road or on distance in air as they are different in length.

  1. If is based on distance by road you need to use matrix to calculate distance from any map provider.
  2. if radius will be calculated on distance as the crow flies you will need lat and lon of two places. Clients data will be easy to get and it can be set as static value. Visitors lon lat can be found from their IP address (there are few free IP Geolocation API). You should also pay attention that all will work on mobile devices. :wink:

Here are some pointers you should read to understand what and how

IMO applying this in WF can be PIN. But I didn’t search if there is any library that will do all you need in one bundle and if any exist it may be paid. What I have found is that other platforms that focus ONLY on e-commerce offer range delivery distance as option to be just activated, so there is no need to inject any custom code.

Good luck

Hello @Stan … Thanks let me check and try to implement it … I hope i can try using these methods :slight_smile: thanks alot

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