Delivery fee appearing 2-4 times for customers in checkout

Hi everyone!

First post here. I’m about ready to launch my site, currently in testing mode, however the delivery fee appears up to 4 times in the checkout for some reason, so I’ve come here for some clarity on why this may be happening.

Here’s a screenshot of the problem.

This also happens when I’m applying the discount code to a product. Here’s a screen recording of this.

The only thing I’ve changed in the checkout page is renaming street address 1 to phone number (we need people’s phone numbers for delivery), and street address 2 as regular address. I also added an “additional info” container and hid the telephone number and checkbox because I couldn’t delete them and they didn’t fit with the flow of the checkout…

Please let me know how I can fix this problem, I’ve also included the read-only link.

Thank you so much!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @agrigolia123 - did you ever manage to fix this? I am having the exact problem. Seems like there is no way to adjust the translations as there is no field in the content tree that makes this adjustable. Also no clue where this comes from in the first place and what I may have implemented incorrectly. Feel like this is a bug from Webflow. @gaby_izarra can you help maybe?

Wrong translations 'Discount code', derived from Delivery