Deleting index.html file from domain

Hi, I exported a site (just a landing page) as html and loaded to domain manually.

I’ve now created the full site, connected domain via webflow and published to domain.

Problem is google still sees the landing page so if I remove the index.html file from public html will that effect the new site connected??

As new site has CMS etc assuming not but want to check before deleting…


Google will normally crawl you site automatically… Wich can take days/weeks…

If you wanna speed up this process use Google Search Console and let Google crawl the site manually after you updated it… (takes a few days before Google crawls again now)

Wich you can do in Google Search Console by uploading your new sitemap.xml

Thanks @Matzinger, have already done tyhis but Google is still showing landing page text not new site text?
If I delete index.html file will that fix it?

ie does a webflow site have an index.html file? All I can see is php files on server. (I’m not a developer by trade so not sure on this)