Deleting classes but will affect every other pages anyway

Hello everyone, i’m really new to webflow and got a template to help out the process but it actually feels like is complicating things even more. Im trying to apply changes to an element of a page but it will affect every other page too. i’ve been deleting the classes but my problem will persist. For example: If i change a picture from the designing portal in a page it will change in every page.
If i add pictures to a lightbox on a page it will automatically add it to every page. I tried to delete the classes but it won’t change a thing. What’s the solution over here?

Hey Manfred,

If you’re seeing changes to content on one page affect other pages then you’re either working on a collection template page ( shared across all collection items ) or you’re editing a component.

Check out the Webflow university on those topics so you can learn the basics of how to work with them. Things will make a lot more sense.

After you’ve done the tutorials, if you’re still confused / stuck on something specific, your best bet is to share your designer readonly link from the page in question, and possibly a video showing your problem and questions.

If you want to accelerate your learning you can also hire a mentor to help you through the learning curve.

Sorry to jump in @memetican . Where can I find a mentor?! I definitely need one right now.

To me it sounds like you’re editing a component element, you can unlink it so you can make your changes without updating everywhere else. Just select (the green component) right click > Unlink.

I’ll message you directly

thanks a lot for your reply and suggestion!
i understand the basic concept of the collection pages but where i’m getting stuck is how to affect only one element without effecting everything. for example, with the lightbox. i cant figure out how to affect only the lightbox on one page and not all of them

Everything on a CMS template page is shared across of the pages, except the specific elements you’ve bound to the CMS item itself. If it’s outlined in purple, its bound to a field in some way. If it’s not, it’s unbound, and therefore it’s not item-specific.

This is actually the most fundamental aspect of CMS template pages, so it’s probably worth revisiting those Webflow U videos to see how these controls work.

Different element types, like Lightboxes, have different binding options, so look at the settings page for purple options to see what can be bound.