Deleted CMS Items are still being displayed

I created some news snippet cards on a carousel via a CMS, filled it with some bogus news articles. FFWD a week it came time to put the real news articles in there and delete the dummy cards. Which I did but now the old are still showing up in the slider, they are no where in the CMS. I’ve published, unpublished, republished and I can’t seem to get those phantom CMS items out of there.

Here is the page Webflow - UHN v1.0
Everything past the first slide should not be there.

Does anyone know what’s going on here?

EDIT-- they strangely aren’t showing up on that ‘share’ link, but they are showing up on the published site.

Hey Matt, can’t see anything- no carousel at all in fact, and you’ve relocated your news-events page so the links above don’t work.

I’m guessing you’ve gone with a different approach?
If you’re still having issues update your post to let us know where and what to look for.