Deleted assets not returned to asset manager when still used on site

This issue was brought up in this post but no one responded.

I am running into the same issue. Webflow says that any deleted assets will return to the manager if they are used on the website. Trusting this to be the case, I deleted all assets in the manager as over the course of the site build we’ve ended up with a lot of unused versions of various assets. Now I’m finding that not all assets were returned to the manager.

This is causing issues with alt text and I have no way to add alt text across all instances of an asset anymore, but can only manually add them on each individual instance (not great). I don’t think I’m worried about the assets totally breaking upon site launch as this post talks about, but maybe there is something I’m not aware of.

To me this seems like a webflow bug and should be made known!

Will provide read-only link if you need it.

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@theecarls yes, hope to hear an answer as well! There are some serious bugs in the asset manager, e.g. I sorted my assets in folders, but after several days they still end up in the main folder, leaving those folders empty. It’s very frustrating.

Yes, definitely a bit frustrating. Have you run into issues with the assets breaking on the site itself? I haven’t yet but I’m still in staging on this site.

@theecarls no, everything works just fine on the site. For me, it’s only asset organisation issue - with these bugs it takes a lot of time to find the particular asset.

About the issue you wrote in the first place, I just had to re-upload all deleted assets, enter alt texts and swear I will never delete them all again :see_no_evil:

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Ok, that is reassuring! I figured that would be the case but still… it’s definitely something that needs to be addressed by the webflow team. Thankfully, it ended up being only ended up affecting a handful of the assets overall.

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