Delete images from Asset Manager

Bump / Up-vote on this - we need delete and replace images in the manager. Folders would be a nice to have!

Hey guys! We’re currently working on a quick way to delete images from the asset manager. We’ll keep updated when we launch. A workaround: if you duplicate your site, it removes all the unused images on the site.

We have big plans for the asset manager and it’ll take some time to get all of those ideas implemented. Thanks for your patience guys!


Thanks for the update - also the “Duplicate site” workaround is also handy to know!


Thank you for the heads up on the Duplicate work around…!

I’m such a nitpicken fool, I always find something to tweak and feel the need to redo an image I have in place.

To re-iterate -> Folder options for images would be super handy & dandy!

I like to have things organized, folder/sub/sub/file.whatever.

As well, for my robots.txt file, I can disallow a folder instead of… etc… This is an SEO must have “for me at least”.

Right now, I am just getting into implementing WF… I will be dissecting the export and using includes/ etc.

I am looking forward to using as the one stop shop when using for statics and dare I say or hope for a custom WF CMS.!! Custom design and SEO driven - then upload and test!.. One can dream… :wink:

Keep up the good work and tanx for the fast responses, I know you guys are working hard!

How the heck do you prioritize the needs versus wants of the community?


Deleting and Organizing the assets manager would be a big plus for webflow. Right now my site’s asset managers are not the prettiest. With these features, webflow could totally beat Adobe!! :thumbsup:

But duplicate feature is awesome for now .

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Great that we can delete know!
Is there a possibility to warn us that the image is in use? (live at website) before we delete?
or just an green or red icon?


I just discovered a troubling issue with the asset manager. I was having a problem with an image that was rendering larger than I expected it to be. I started jumping through all sorts of hoops to try to figure out why, but to no avail. I finally discovered the answer to the problem when I export the code. The exported code included multiple versions of the image (!) even though it displayed only one image in the asset manager. In trying to find the best way to display the image, I had cropped It in various ways, then uploaded new versions to see how they looked. In some cases, however, I didn’t bother to rename the image file. Because I did not see any duplicate images in the asset manager, I assumed that my multiple uploads with the same name were overwriting the old file, a typical behavior. However, after I exported the code, I discovered that the asset manager was NOT overwriting the old files, but adding an extension to the file name: image_1.jpg became image_1.1.jpg and then image_1.2.jpg, etc. Not only did the asset manager not display these extra image files, but Webflow became internally confused about which image was the correct image and was displaying an old image instead of the one I expected it to display. Although the dimensions in the popup box showed the correct dimensions I was looking for, they were NOT the dimensions of the image being displayed. The only way I could finally get the correct image to display was to give the image file an entirely different name. I wasted a lot of time figuring this out and hope it is fixed soon. In the meantime, if you are having strange image issues, you might want to consider this possible reason.

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