Delete images from Asset Manager

Nice try, I don’t think they’ll be answering.

Of course “amazing the new item call assets”. Many thanks guys!.
But i’ve the same matter and many uploaded images are wrong and i need to completely delete them from assets, to have a clear view of the right images i really need and use on my pages.
I hope Webflow team adjust all of this with a new option of Assets.
Best regards!

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If you delete an image from the Asset Manager…will that affect the website? If I use image A on Page B, and I delete Image A…will Image A disappear from Page B?

One more thing…some sort of visual element that show which images that are currently used on the website. Makes it a hell lot easier when you delete and cleaning up in the Asset Manager.

I can’t upload images. This has been happening for the past more than 4 hours! :weary:

I am also having trouble uploading new versions of images.

Want a friendly tip? If I have to rename my assets in order to import updated versions of them, your feature is not ready to launch. It is also causing up-to ten second browser freezes when loading and scrolling through the gallery.

I didn’t expect this kind of half-baked, shoot-first/troubleshoot-later implementation from you guys. You’re better than that.


I am also having to upload new versions of images, and I now have all images missing my site’s slider’s and and heading graphic.

If I use a new image that has never been in WebFlow’s Asset Manager, it shows up in my slider on export…but I need the old images to be replaced with the new resized ones… when I upload the new files even with different names and settings it still doesn’t show up in the AssetManager and is missing from the page.

I believe the delete feature could fix this

Any assistance on resolving this is greatly appreciated, I believe the delete feature would fix this thank you :slight_smile:

We pushed a few asset-manager related updates yesterday. However tools to delete and replace images are on the roadmap for phase 2.

For those who have multiple versions of the same file(perhaps with the same name) and are having trouble telling them apart by thumbnail, as a workaround until we have the robust renaming and replacing features coming in phase 2, from any of the choose/upload buttons use the upload option even if thew new image version is already in the asset manager. It will recognize it exists in the asset manager and use it, so no new image is actually uploaded under the hood, but may help ensure you’re selecting the newest version that corresponds to the latest version on your disk.

@Kim_B There should be a 2MB upload limit for images in the designer now, we’re working on a way to make the asset manager more performant with large images that were uploaded before the limit.

@seanGS It sounds like your export issue should be resolved now thanks to a fix that went out yesterday. However if it’s still occurring after a hard-refresh please PM me and we’ll try get to the bottom of your use-case and resolve it. :hatched_chick:



How do you delete and asset from the asset manager. I was under the impression Webflow only kept the images that are actively being used but on I site I have the asset manager is full of sample and unused assets.

Check the thread here Delete images from Asset Manager

You can’t at the moment but it’s a first version. Add your voice in the thread (:

This is the same idea i had…

I’d like to be able to delete all images at once who are not in use


I’d like to chime in and agree with the rest of the community. Please, please get the delete feature working for the asset manager. super frustrating dealing with such a mess of images.


Imagine working in Photoshop and not being able to delete any images that aren’t being used in your comp.


@cyberdave @webflow

Could you possibly ballpark when we might get the delete feature? Even some general comment, ideally based in reality, would be of comfort.

I have 2+ dozen images in my assest and when I click on that tab it probably takes a solid second and a half for the whole thing to load (I assume because of all the HD images). What’s more is I’d like to go through my site and replace the old images with smaller sized ones but apparently I’d only be adding more to the asset tabs - though I may end up going this route.

Still think Webflow is awesome nonetheless.



Really looking forward to the next phase of the asset manager.

I’ll put my vote in for:

  • Delete
  • Replace
  • Folder Support

+1trillion of my support for this feature to be implemented at the speed of light!

Hi @Aperion, @dkenzik, @topelovely, thanks for the followup and comments, this is high on the priority list for that component. I do not have an ETA, but you will see this in an upcoming phase release. Keep tuned, more info will be provided when we get ready to update that. Cheers,


Have been loving every bit of Webflow so far. However, not being able to delete images from the asset manager seems like a big miss, given how expertly other features of the product are implemented. Personally, I started an upload of a big batch of images (large images at that) to be used during the design of our own content-heavy web app - then stepped away for a break - with the thought that I would be able to refine the list or start over if it wasn’t quite right. Currently, I’m struggling with a non-responsive (or responding very slowly) asset manager and it’s severely hampering my work. I understand that given the power to destroy raises other issues - but this seems like a top priority. Please help!

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I have to agree on this one too. This feels like a huge oversight in an otherwise perfect product. Please, please, please fix ASAP!

Another vote up for delete/ replace…

Too be really picky, image folders would be awesome…! :wink:

Being able to keep everything organized is a time saver… at least for me:


  • Layout
  • Home
  • Portfolio
    – Logos
    – Illustrations
    – Custom Typography