Delete Confirmation PLEASE!

I was just finishing up formatting an agenda on my site, and I went to look at an interaction. I accidentally slid my cursor off the tiny little scroll bar (whose size is another aggravating issue) and hit “delete” on an interaction. It just deleted it immediately. Since this site was started with a template, I wasn’t exactly sure what the interaction steps were.

I had to go to a restore point from 20 minutes prior since the “back/undo” wouldn’t restore the interaction. Because of that, I lost all my time-consuming formatting on the other section. Grrrr.

A simple “Are you sure you want to delete this interaction?” popup would be really helpful to avoid accidental happenstances like this, especially since that scroll bar is so thin and so close to the trashcan icon.

Keep up the good work! Love Webflow!

Oh man i’m sorry for your loss! I’ll make sure we do this for all delete operations!