"Delete Client Billing Account" button doesn't have a confirmation popup

Clicking the “Delete Client Billing Account” button doesn’t raise a confirmation popup.

Hey @samliew

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

I’ll make a note of this and share it with the team today :slight_smile:

I accidentally deleted my client billing account just to see what is the prompt when you actually click it, so that I could take a screenshot for a forum post.

Perhaps you should grant us testing accounts for such purposes?

That’s a good idea. I will speak with the team about that as well.

I’ve gone ahead and filed an enhancement request for the confirmation pop up when deleting a CB account. I will post back here when I have more information from our dev team on this.

Thanks again @samliew! :slight_smile:

Hi @samliew

We pushed an enhancement for this that will present a confirmation popup when deleting a client billing account.

Thanks again for posting about this! :smiley: