Delete all CMS collections

Hi guys

I want to with my site from CSM to Static.
I know there is a lot of topics on the forum that address that but after i’ve tried all the technics nothing as done the job as i wanted.

I’ve successfully delete 2 CSM collection but one won’t delete “collection is still in bindings”

I’ve check every corner of my site i’ve only one page and the collection page empty.

Can you help me ?

Here is my public share link:

Try @vincent pro tips here: Cannot Delete Field | CMS

I can’t see any connections on a quick glance through…

If still no joy - then send support an email and they will try and find the problem :slightly_smiling_face:

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Same with me. This is a bug that Webflow need to fix as it is costing their customers a lot of time and money.

I can’t wait for someone at Webflow to wake-up. Please give me the ability to do a hard refresh from my end. Else, pay someone in the states or in another country to work nights. Please.

Hi @Bizgro

I’m happy to be a second pair of eyes (in case you’ve missed something) if you are able to share your read-only.

You can also add your voice/vote on this issue, if you’ve not already:

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Hmm, can’t see anything - best to log this one with support