Delay display of embedded page until fully loaded

My embedded page from greenhouse jobs is not loading fully. It clips off the list of jobs in webflow frame. Is there a script I can use to delay the display of that full list until it is loaded properly? Error only appears in Chrome

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Bob_Smolenski,

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Are you using iFrame code to embed the Greenhouse Jobs page? If possible it would be great if you could share the read-only link to your project!


Hi - currently embedding the site into a div. see shared link to page. the error may show up on your mac using chrome. See the jobs not fully loading. SPAN® Mission & Careers | Enabling electrification for all

It looks fine on my system ( Chrome-Win ).

I can see you’ve set up a delay to hide the magic trick-


Is this the script recommended?
You see there the window.onload which makes the content visible 500ms after the page loads. In theory this should keep everything hidden until it’s ready to display.

But to me it seems that there are a couple of weird things-

  • The script is trying to make the content visible by setting opacity to 100%. But opacity is a decimal value, so that should probably be 1.0. See spec.
  • The area it’s trying to make visible is your <body> element, which means the entire page rather than just the area being loaded. Odd, but on this page, it’s mostly just job board content anyway.
  • However for that to work, you body has to first be invisible ( opacity = 0 ), and I can’t see any CSS or stylesheets that are doing that. That might account for what you’re seeing because then the trick just isn’t hidden at all. The load is visible throughout.

i’m trying all kinds of solutions from Stack-overflow