Deceptive Site Warning - Red Screen Error

I randomly started getting a deceptive site warning on one of my websites. This client site has been working without issue for 6+ months. Now I get an error when you visit the site (See below). I mainly get the error on Chrome and Safari. It is working on Edge. I have tried clearing my cache as well.

I also have an error inside Webflow telling me to add two A records to the domain DNS. However, both of the records have already been added.

I have added a read-only link to the project. The domain is and the domain is a GoDaddy domain.

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - Serving It Up)

Hey Conner, here are some thoughts!

  1. Google Search Console: Have you tried clicking that “Request Review” button in Google Search Console?

  2. Review Your Website: Is a legitimate part of your website or something malicious? You can use a malware scanner plugin or third-party service to scan your entire website for malware or any suspicious code.

  3. Webflow DNS Settings: The errors mentioned about the A records might be causing a mismatch in your DNS settings. Even though you added the A records, you can double-check. Go to your GoDaddy account, navigate to your domain’s DNS settings and verify that the A records match what Webflow has provided ( and Make sure there aren’t any conflicting or old A records related to your domain. If there are, remove them.

  4. SSL Certificate: Ensure that your SSL certificate (which provides the “https” before your domain) is active and correctly set up on Webflow and matches your domain settings on GoDaddy.

  5. Webflow Publishing: After verifying and making necessary changes to the DNS settings, go back to your Webflow project settings and click the “Check Status” button mentioned in your screenshot. Ensure you’ve set the default domain in Webflow to “” if that’s what you want users to see.

  6. Third-party Scripts and Embeds: Sometimes third-party scripts or embeds, like ads or widgets, can be flagged as deceptive or malicious. Check if any third-party code you’ve added to your website is causing issues."