Deceptive site ahead on new site

Hi all

I published a holding page at last night and this morning I am getting a red screen saying ‘Deceptive site ahead’. I get this in all browsers other than MS Edge. I get it on the Mac and PC. I have checked the DNS settings and they seem fine, I get the green connected confirmation in the sites custom domain name settings and I have SSL turned on.

Here is the read only link.

Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Sounds like you might have some scripts in there that include malware. At some point, something has triggered malware scanners, and it could be a previous owner of that domain.

Once you’re 100% sure you have no malware scripts on the site, setup Google Search Console, and request Google to re-review your site.

Hi Michael

Thanks for your reply, the holding page consists of one svg logo and a h1 title and a background blend so I am not using any scripts. Im not sure its Google related at all as it does not even load in Firefox, Safari Mac and PC.

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Hi Michael

i did what you said and you were right, it detected an issue so I have requested a review. Previously this domain name had some WordPress issues and malware so that must be it.

I am waiting for a review from Google now.

Thanks again

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Perfect, if you don’t mind add a note here when Google resolves it, it would be great to know how long that roughly takes, and add it in your thread here.

You can mark the solution above too, so other people can find it.

Thanks for helping me sort this Michael. As requested it took Google about 3 days to update and now the URL loads fine.

Thanks, Andrew