Debugging needed for: Pagination & infinite loop slider & multi-reference for related posts

Hey All,

I’ve 3 issues I’m currently stuck on. So be warned, you may want a cuppa at the ready before reading this post…

Issue #1: Pagination
Desired result: the numbered pages should show between the ‘Previous’ button (on the left) and the ‘Next’ button (on the right).
Current issue: The numbered buttons are showing to the right of the ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons when looking at the live site. Although all looks as it should when toggling the preview button?

Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 14.25.31
Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 14.26.43

Issue #2: Infinite loop slider
Desired result: to make a smooth infinite loop of the ‘Brain Body Tools’ logo and text
Current Issue: The animation is slightly jumpy and there is a large space in the loop, despite making both inner divs 50% width.

Issue #3: Multi-reference for related posts
Desired result: To have 3 related blog posts at the bottom of ‘Blog Post 2s Template’ collection page. The related posts should relate to the category that each blog post is linked to.
Current Issue: I have implemented a multi-reference field, linking to another CMS called ‘Categories’ - but am unable to link the text field to this multi-reference field. The option does not appear in the dropdown. Do I need link to this in another way?

Huge thanks in advance to the brave soul who takes the time to answer my questions!



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