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Dear webflow gods

Currently trying to create this page transition:

Works well on desktop and laptop computers but when i test it on tablet and mobile (specifically iPad and iPhone8), the red panel stays on the page when browser’s ‘back’ button is pressed. So, if i click the button and click ‘back’ button on the browser, only the red panel shows.

After pulling my hair out trying to figure this out all day, my guess is that the browser memorizes the ‘end of the transition’ and is displaying it when the ‘back’ button is clicked.?

I have not much hair to pull out anymore, please help!

Updated link:

Hi CobianLives,

Have you tried adding another action hide to your interaction when the first action is finished, maybe adding anothr 200ms of delay?


So when I looked at this, i clicked on the cover, then on interactions panel clicked the “New Timed Animation 2” radio button and then clicked the small LOOP button and it worked as shown in the first link.
If you want a picture send me an email
I can’t seem to upload an image on this.

This was under the “When Page Finishes Loading” portion of the interactions panel.

I do see, that is not exactly what you want to happen though. no luck on that one.

yes, to no avail.
It shows the content underneath for a split second before jumping to next page.

Are there no webflow gods in here that has solution to this?