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Deaf student having difficulty learning Webflow

I have tried viewing the WebFlow tutorials but it is very difficult because I am deaf and there are no subtitles.
I have a Balsamiq mockup interactive pdf file which shows a low level design I would like to implement in Webflow.
I basically have balsamiq mockup buttons with links to other balsamiq mockup files and within each balsamiq mockup file are links to URLs. Most of these URLs are YouTube videos.
Could someone suggest how it could be implemented in Webflow?
The interactive pdf file is loaded as an attachment. Well I tried to load it but pdf is not allowed.

Hi @binarypulsar send your pdf to my email and I’ll see what I can do to help you! (I will pm you, if you you dont receive it, repost here)

Thanks @Laurent​Cardinal but I don’t see your email in your profile. Can I attach in response as png file and you can download and rename as pdf?

You should see my email now in your PMs. If not, post the png the here!