Day/Night toggle - two formatting issues

1: read-only link: Webflow - iomete

2: subdomain:

3: screen shots

4: what I need help with (two things)

See dark mode screenshot:
a. Font of “Company” is larger than rest of menu. How to get font to be 14 (=rest of menu).
b. Day/Night toggle shrinks after click (going from day to night). I think it is due because the sun image is somehow hidden in night mode)

Appreciate your help on this! Best, Piet

PS This is the first time I use this forum … hoping that I’m doing it the right way…

Welcome to the forum! We’ve all been there. As you get more experienced with Webflow, you understand more how it works, and get used to checking for the obvious things. 99.99% of the time, it’s not Webflow, it’s you.

You’ve set the font size to 16px on the class dark-nav-dropdown-toggle which is set to appear on your dark mode interaction.

Your day/night button shrinks becauase it doesn’t have a minimum width or height declared.

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Thank you @shawncarrie !!