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Dates shows 1 day wrong in Webflow post published with Integromat

Earlier this year I had a lot of problems with dates from Integromat scenarios suddenly not showing up in Webflow CMS fields. It turned out to be a Integromat bug that Webflow helped tracking down! Big thanks to @RileyJones and @JornK and others at Webflow for helping out!

Now a new problem has come up in the same scenario, also related to the same date field that earlier did not work because of the bug described above. I contacted the Integromat support team nearly two weeks ago, but no response so far. I’m now trying my luck in the Webflow community, again :stuck_out_tongue:

To summarize the problem, I have a Webflow form that feeds an Integromat scenario with a date (e.g. 09/16/2020), this date is sent to a date field in a Webflow collection post through the Integromat Webflow module. All visible trace of this date inside the Integromat scenario (including the Webflow modules) has the correct date (09/16/2020), but in the published Webflow collection post, the date is always set to 1 day before the correct date, e.g. 09/15/2020

I tried to run the scenario at a time of day when both Europe and the US are within the same date, to check if it was a time zone problem, but with the same result.


For testing purposes, could you run the scenario, but don’t write back to Webflow. Send it to a webhook or to some other storage/database to see what it posts as?

Also are you sending just a date? Or date and time?

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Hi @Drew_Schafer

The output is a clean and correct " 09/16/2020 " with no time zone data or hours. This should work fine in Webflow, at least it has done so before. I have bypassed the bug for now by adding 1 day in the Integromat scenario date format. It solved my problem, but there is probably something wrong with the date function at either Integromat or Webflow.

Very odd. What is your Webflow site settings Timezone?

Hi @Drew_Schafer

I have Europe/Oslo on both Integromat and Webflow site settings. I got an reply from Integromat support yesterday suggesting that this error could be fixed with setting time zone formatting with my local time zone (Europe/Oslo), but this unfortunately had no effect. I think this is an indication that this error has nothing to do with time zones at all…?

Just as an Idea, what if you send the full date/time/timezone? Just looking in the API documentation and it always seems to list dates as:


Might be worth a try. :no_mouth:

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