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Datepicker solution

I am trying to add a simple datepicker (which is absolutely absurd that it’s not a generic element)

I am very new to webflow and so far my experience has been horrible. Things aren’t clicking and I’m having a hard time seeing the value in it. It takes way to long to do simple things I don’t see how this is any better than hand coding… but i’ve committed to learning it so hopefully it’ll start clicking.

Anyways I’m trying to add a date picker… something so incredibly simple to do with straight html.

Even a script like this .

Where do I add the actual javascript?
Where is the custom css editor so i can add css?

This stuff must exist

Hey Jason!

On Webflow, there are 3 places you can add your custom code.

  1. You can add an HTML Embed block which is located on the bottom right of the elements tab:

  2. On the pages tab, you can click the cog icon to open the page settings. From there, click and custom code tab and add code to either the header or body of the page. Code added here will only affect that specific page:

  3. In the project settings of your site, click on the custom code tag and add your code to either the header or body of the entire site. Any code placed here will affect your whole site:

Hope this helps and if you have any questions let me know!

yeah that doesn’t help AT ALL… i tried all of this still doesn’t work… the code works perfectly as straight html but not in webflow.

I’m feeling like there are sever limitations with your platform and I regret moving from wordpress… wordpress is lightyears easier to develop for

I’m pretty sure Calendly allows you to embed date pickers.

Hey @Jason_Hebert :wave:

I’m really sorry to hear you’re not having the best experience so far with Webflow. There are definitely lots of things the team are constantly working on, and I know I struggled with a solution to this before too. If you’re used to a particular platform as I was, moving across is a huge step.

If you do stick with, you’ll find that most questions have an answer eventually. I’m constantly seeing users and the team do new things I didn’t even know were possible.

You can actually use a really small bit of HTML to add a date picker to a field, although it is a little limited in how much you can style it, it does work.

<label for="date">Type your label here</label>
    <input class="w-input date" type="date" name="Requested date">

How it will look on the live site:

Here is a quick video on implementing it

You can add your voice to the Webflow Wishlist too:

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