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Datepicker not formatting correctly

Hi there,
Can anyone explain to me why this simple js datepicker refuses to format correctly on the below test page? I’ve coped the exact same code into a blank website and it works perfect. I’ve even removed all every single class from any element and it’s just using it’s id (‘datepicker’) and yet when you click into on this particular Webflow project, the date squares are flowing outside of the box as per screenshot.

really appreciate any help given on this as it’s wrecking my brain! :weary:

Here is my site Read-Only:

@Bammedia - it’s inheriting the font size from your site’s anchor tag; 20px:


Dropping it to 18px produces this result:


I’m sure the calendar can be adjusted to handle larger font sizes, but it seems to not be super responsive.

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Sam-g you’re a star… thank you very much! :pray: :pray: