Date not showing correctly in the Blog

The date is formatted wrong.
In the preview section it’s fine but on the live website is live day and month are switched.
Is it something I did wrong? Or do you have the same?

Here is my public share link: LINK

Hey @Naos , I have Saturday, March 27, 2021 both in preview and live.

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Yeah,… I created and published it today. So I’m expecting August 20.

Hey @Naos , I see what you mean. This is because you are pulling the data from the wrong reference field, i.e. Author instead of Tags.

Reselect your data as shown below, scroll a bit more and you will see Tags, select the Published On field from here:

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:flushed: thank you thank you. I feel a little embarrassed :disappointed:.


@Naos , tsk tsk, you don’t have to feel embarrassed. The community is in place to help you, happy designing lad! :grin::+1:t4:

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