Date Issues on Webflow Blog


I am having an issue every so often when I update a blog and it changes all the dates. I have gone into Designer, went to Page: Blog, and tried to adjust the dates but trying each option (created on, published on, updated on) but none of them show the correct date for when they were created, posted, or updated. Most of them were posted a week or two apart and now the majority of them show the same day, but the one I posted yesterday (July 25) is showing as February 20th with the rest showing July 16th or March 19th. None of these are right.

I have made sure it is not pulling from Author’s info and selecting the Published on an option below that but it is still showing the wrong dates.

Is there a way to manually adjust the dates so it shows the correct one? Or perhaps these need to be adjusted from a different page?

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