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Dataset From a Client - Where to Start?

Hi there,

So I am putting together a website for a client and they just passed over a dataset that contains:

  • a folder of PNGs
  • a CSV
  • an HTML file
  • a JavaScript file
  • a CSS file

I know that it is supposed to be an interactive image where you can click on different parts, but have no idea where to even start to get it hosted on the Webflow CMS.

Any tips or anything I tried to search the forums but had no luck.


There is no way to host html, css and javascript files on the Webflow. You will have to rebuild whatever they provided from scratch in the designer.


Better yet, re-build their thinking and offer up better solutions and ways to get whatever outcomes the old 'scrïpts and data sets etc" were set in place to produce. This may be naivety here but it appears to be, design systems all have unique ways of getting desired outcomes or solving clients perceived problems etc. I would be disinclined to replicate old design in a new system, at least I would give a solid rant on how much better it would all flow in a new design with webflows XYZ.

See how far you can get importing the CSV to our CMS… usually you can set up the fields to map 1:1. The advantage for the client will be that it’ll be much easier to update the interactive thing in the future.