Data is exist is CMS or not


i am creating on login system with otp, there are only one form when user is login and the login data is already exist is CMS then cant store this data in CMS but when this data is not exist in CMS then add this data in CMS

Form Field Is :-
Phone Number

Hi Pavan, what is your question?

when user submit form

then the form data is check on CMS when this data is exist then can’t create new CMS item
and form data is not exist in CMS then create new CMS item

There are a lot of specifics that matter here, such as what identifies existing data, and whether you’re trying to track things on a user-specific basis.

But in general, you’d use the slug to identify an existing item. You can use Logic to check for existing items with that slug, and then create the new item only if the slug does not already exist.

please check this video link you can better understand the logic :-

(note :- The old user login should not be stored in CMS databse but user can logged in.)

read only link :- Webflow - login system

live link :-

My schedule is pretty full atm so I don’t have the time to work out and write up a full design plan for your project. If you need that, drop me a message and I’ll see if I can free up some time for a project in the next couple of weeks.

However this was the answer to your original question. How did it go?

when i add conditions in logic then its cant get cms item and i add search block then i get 400 error of search block

A 400 sounds correct for a not found situation.

An important note here though, the CMS is not a general purpose database, and you cannot query it freely. I certainly wouldn’t use it for any form of login system.

If you’re trying to build that on top of Webflow I’d look in the direction of Xano or at a bare minimum, some form of database service with good API and automation support that you can build your system against.

here we can use any other APIs ?
can you give name list ?

Thank you @memetican

Xano, as I mentioned above, is one of the options you could integrate more easily than a custom build.

Wized would give you additional front end integration options, with a nocode approach.