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Data from FTP-server to website

Hello there,

let me preface this by saying I am by no way a professional. I’ve started doing Webflow for fun and am in the fortunate position that my company now gives me the possibility to actually create websites for our customers (we usually only do IT-support).

Now just recently there is a new customer, who wants me to make a new website for them. All in all it’s a small site and a simple project. However there is one catch, which makes me wonder, wether I can actually do it.

Said customer works in real estate and is using a software (called “estateOffice”), where they can input their estate objects which are then transmitted to several distributers like immowelt, immoscout and their website. Which from looking at their settings seems to be working by transmitting said objects to their ftp-server.

Now, currently they have a website with said function, where the objects are shown on their site. Unfortunatly I don’t know where their current site is hosted nor can I look at it’s full sourcecode, otherwise I might be able to figure out how to do it.

After trying to figure out, how I can manage to do that in webflow, I’m hoping on one of two things. First, it is possible via custom code to grab said data from the ftp server (the estate objects on the ftp server always have the same format, an standard estate format called OpenImmo, which basically is just an xml-table), and second that there is a way to do it via Zapier, that, whenever new objects are added to their ftp server, they are converted to webflow cms or something similiar.

That being said, besides webflows basic functions, I’m pretty new to everything. I’ve never used Zappier, nor do I know HTML, php or CSS.

Do you guys think what I want to do is possible? And if so, how? According to rules I’m not supposed to ask for recommendations for third-party plugins, but I just did some research on Zappier and was overwhelmed with all the apps you can connect via Zappier. Surly there’s gotta be one that can help me.

Then again, maybe I’m totally lost and am spouting nonsense. If so, I’m terribly sorry.

All in all I have one or multiple XML-tables on an FTP server and want to use that information on my website somewhat like Webflow CMS.

I haven’t started with the site yet, therefore I dont have an read-only link nor an published link. I can’t start working on with without being sure wether I can even realize my customers wishes.

If I’m in the wrong section or breaking some rules, I’m sorry, I didn’t inted to.

Would be awesome if you guys could give me some insight on what possiblities I have. I appreciate any help, since I really want to do the project.

If there are any more questions, please go ahead and ask them all. Since I’m also the IT-support for the customer I have some insight into their stuff. I will answer as quickly as possible.

Again, thanks for any attempt to help me.
All the best.

Kind regards,

edit: I’d give more insight into the program estateOffice and the format OpenImmo, howeveras far as I’m aware they are both only used in Germany, Austria and other german-speaking countries and therefore most information on it is in german.

Here is their current website with an example of the desired function working:,sell_gastronomy,sell_production,sell_retail,sell_estate&kategoriefilter=bueros-kanzleien-praxen&ortfilter=fuerth&filter=!referenzen&sort=tstamp&reverse=1&perPage=10

Also sorry for any grammer mistakes and typos. Obviously english isn’t my first language.

Hi @Juwi Julian,

Here are a some answers for you:

You asked if Webflow does FTP?
A: Webflow does not provide FTP access

You are wondering if Zapier would work?
A: This is a possibility, although only if their service is a featured app option within Zapier or others like Integromat or Parabola.

Not knowing coding languages
A: In this case I would recommend hiring a developer that can setup an API that would then connect with the Webflow CMS API.

Missing info about the estateOffice Utility
A: First steps would be to reach out to this company and see if they only provide info by FTP or if they have their own API.
A2: With real estate services here in the states, you can connect to that providers IDX/MLS through their provided API and connect it to our CMS API which would publish listings, update, and even delete them without too much effort.

Hope this helps or at least moves you in a better direction.

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

~ Happy Designing ~

Hi @WebDev_Brandon Brandon,

Very interesting and helpful.
I’ll keep the possiblity of hiring an developer in mind if needed.

Also I’ll see to get more information on the the estateOffice-software, although I doubt that they have their own API.

Either way, I’ll let you know, once I know more.

Thank you for your answer.

Kind regards,

Hi again @WebDev_Brandon Brandon,

it seems they actually do have their own API.
I’ve attached a screenshot of the setting for the data-transmission via API.

Unfortunatly I can’t find any resources as to how to connect an external API to Webflows CMS API.
Could you give me a hint on how to do it? Or maybe an example?
I’ll probably need an developer for that, won’t I?

Thank you very much,

Hi @Juwi Julian,

Yes, you will most likely need a developer for this. As it not not just a making the connection but making sure the right data is parsed.

You can make another post on the forum related to freelance and custom code help looking for a developer to help you with connecting an API.

Best Regards,
~ Brandon