Data collection with li elements in HTML embed

Hi, I have a data collection with pre-rendered html list elements, one per product, that I need to display as a parent child relationship. The html works great on a webpage but is escaped when embedded in the code at runtime - and displays as . I am using the “add field” in the html embed and selecting my bullets element in the data collection as the source for that one record’s set of bullet points. Here is an example of the data. This is the only thing stopping me from porting my project to Webflow so appreciate any ideas. I can change the format of the data in the list item element in the data collection.

Html not rendered but shown as text :frowning:

<ul> <li>Cookies <ul> <li>chocolate chip

Example of data in record
Screenshot 2023-10-07 at 10.11.59 PM

Hi Mark, Webflow does not have a field type for storing HTML in the CMS. Anything you bind to those fields will be HTML encoded.

If you really need to store HTML inside of the CMS, the best technique is to create a richtext field in the CMS, and then inside of it, add an HTML Embed sub-element. Anything you put inside of that sub-element will be delivered as-is into the final page. You’d then place a rich text element on the page, and bind that to your rich text field.

The downside is that this is a bit awkward to edit.

If you really need to pull that HTML from a plaintext field, you could render it into the page as it is now, and then use some script to HTML Decode it so that it works as regular HTML.

SA5 has a nocode attribute for that;

Thanks for the help. I will investigate moth of those options!