Data Collection Fields That Integrate With Widgets

First off, the CMS has already changed my life. :slight_smile: I just have to style things once now, create a data collection, add a dynamic list, bind the data collection to that list. And boom, Webflow takes care of the rest. It’s INCREDIBLY powerful if you haven’t started playing with it yet.

I’ve seen a few posts about adding a Widget as a field in a data collection. This is a big possibility down the road, but I’m proposing a solution using the current functionalities of the cms and binding data fields to widget fields.

So we can pull in rich text/plain text fields etc already (super powerful if you haven’t tried it). :slight_smile:
What about pulling the data into widgets? :slight_smile:

My proposition is instead adding data-fields to collections, which can integrate with widgets that are placed into dynamic items. :slight_smile:

So if we take Maps into account, we could just have a data field of “Address” in a data collection, and then when a map widget is added to a dynamic item, then this would give us the capability of assigning that data field to the widget.

Keep up the great work @callmevlad, @thesergie, @brryant, @PixelGeek, @bart, @cyberdave, @thewonglv & the rest of the awesome Webflow team. And know that Webflow changed my life; for that, I am forever grateful.

:purple_heart: - Waldo


This x100.

The map and forms especially!

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My sentiments exactly.

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