Dashboard is not reachable probably after latest updates

I can’t log in to my workspace or open the dashboard of my project since noon today.
I have some important work to be done until Monday.

Could you please help me? I suppose it might be because of the latest updates, but when it is going to be back to normal?

Thank you
#webflow #support Bugs

A check of https://status.webflow.com shows no such issue. I had no problem logging in to the dashboard from my infrastructure. Your local infrastructure might be different. Suggest trying another network to see what happens.

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Try signing out of WF, clear browser cache, close then restart browser, sign into WF, try the Designer.

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Apparently, it was an issue with my Google Chrome since I didn’t have this log in problem in other browsers.
Anyway it solved for now so thank you for the advices, I will take them for the future.