Dashboard Hidden?

I am taking over a finished website for a client. I am new to Webflow but not new to web design. I’ve completed a few courses on Webflow. I cannot locate the Dashboard. Could it be hidden?

Hey @sitepro welcome to webflow, Are you looking for this

Yes – I’m thinking I may have used the wrong login. I think there was a specific link to see the Dashboard & Editor. Thanks.

Yes I am looking for the Dashboard but not “my dashboard”. I am trying to access the dashboard or editor on someone else’s website. The first time I logged in, I saw it but I decided to learn about Webflow before attempting to make any changes. Now when I log in, I can only edit what’s already there. I can’t add anything. I was given collaborator access. Do you have any ideas? Did the original designer limit my access?

Hi @sitepro,
to enter the editor you need to access the domain and just put an “?edit” after it.
Your site should open and a login form should open at the bottom.