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Dark screen when dropdown opened issue

Hi everyone,

I made dark screen when the nav bar drop down is opened.
Unfortunately it has some interactivity issue because i have two dropdowns in the nav bar. I made interaction on ‘Mouse Click (Tap)’ and when i open the dropdowns separately (open and close the first one than open and close the second one) everything is ok, but if i open the first one then open the second one and without closing click again on the first one the dark screen is lost. I tried to change the interaction from ‘Mouse Click (Tap)’ into ‘Dropdown opens’ but it was worse.
Another thing is that when the menu is open, clicking on the screen outside of the menu closes the menu, but doesn’t get rid of the grey div block (which I would like it to) - it only disappears on second click.

Can someone help me how to fix this problem?

Thank you in advance,

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To fix this problem make interaction on Dropdown opens and make sure that your time delay is higher than 0.

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