Dark Mode Rich Text?

Hi Everyone

I am having issues allowing dark mode to work on CMS Rich Text.

Any ideas how by using interactions I can accomplish this to work?

Many thanks in advance

Make sure you don’t give any text color properties to the elements of a Rich Text block. Define the text color on the class of the RT itself.

This way, you will just have to target this class in your IX and you will be able to change its text color property, and it will affect all the text elements inside.

Hi Vincent, thanks so much for the reply.

Honestly I feel I have treid everything to get this to work. I have spent about a week working on this and still I have received no help of the forum apart from yourself, knowing all I want to do is change the colour of some text.

I have created a different class (RTE) and changed the colour to white text and still I cant get any interaction to work. Is this a way someone can show me how to do this?

It’s exactly like I have described it:


You can clone the site and see for yourself. Or check the read only link directly : https://preview.webflow.com/preview/sbx?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=sbx&preview=d91efb276cd351eb16ffb217cf8e136e&pageId=5ea70b0087b5cbcb33a67f99&mode=preview

It Worked!!! Wow thanks Vincent!!
I cant say how much I appreciate your help.
Any idea how to keep dark mode switched on when clicked from a static and going to CMS?

Yep, to retain a user choice throughout his navigation, you’ll need a cookie set with JS code. The cookie will remember the settings.


Any idea how to accomplish this, or where I can get advice from?