Dark Mode on CMS Blog Troubles

I created a dark mode on my blog after spending too much time on Indie Hackers!

It’s a CMS blog which causes some rich text issues.

Struggling to ensure links and H3 text turns white when dark mode is enabled and was hoping some custom code to amend this.

Tried a bit of my own custom code but it hasn’t changed all the links for reasons I don’t follow. Wondered if someone more talented could lend a hand!

Here is my Webflow Read-Only: LINK

Normal Link: Creating SEO Content: Tops Tips for SEO from Yolkk

Hi @Josh_Windatt,

Welcome to the forum! Hope I can help with this one.

If you wanted to go down the custom code route you could try adding something like this to Page Settings > Custom Code > Before </body> tag:

.light-mode {
color: white !important;


 $('.div-block-32').on('click', function() {

Let me know how you go!