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Dark mode hide/show Interaction


I’ve got a Dark mode / Light mode switch and a set of interactions for 1st and second click for that. On first click a div is hidden and another shown in the same space and then a set of animations bring the content inside each div into view. It works fine 1st and 2nd click and content animates in nicely. From 3rd click onwards the interactions now longer fire and the divs replace each other without the animations.

Can anyone suggest any tips?


Here is my public share link:


You set initial states and now you have to reset them to starting point again.

Please set finishes loading too.

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@color2life Thank you for your help. It took a bit of working through but I seem to have fixed that problem. For someone using Interactions for the first time i have set a tricky task for myself trying to pull this off!

I wonder if you could help me with one thing I’m having problems with? When the darkmode switch is turned on and you open the burger menu a hidden div called ‘ProcessFounder’ suddenly displays when it should be set to hidden.

Any ideas?