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Cycle2 CMS slider does not run smoothly


I made this slider using the CMS and the Cycle2 slider component. But, as you will see, the slider does not run smoothly. It ran smoothly, or I didn’t notice, with just 2 items in the cms but when adding more items, things started to stutter.

Could someone please take a look at it because I’m out of ideas on how to solve this.

Thanks a lot!

Hi again

I notice that publishing is disabled in preview mode. That’s a bummer because now you won’t be able to see what I mean as I used external javascript.

So, here’s another link.

You’re page is password protected.

I disabled the password protection.
I also noticed that the animation is smooth when giving the slide a fixed with and not 100%. So I think it must have something to do with it being full width.

Ah, I know what happens but unfortunately don’t know the solution.

I use a webflow interaction on the previous/next buttons that scales the image in a slide. But, ofc, then it scales the image in all slides. And … the more slides I add the more simultaneous scripts run … slowing everything down and crippling the animation.

It runs smoothly on my end


But have you tried this?


Thank you for the help but I know how that works and I’ve tried this before but it doesn’t solve anything. The interactions even stop working when ticking these boxes.

Also, the version you were looking at is a new version. A version width fixed width. It’s the only solution that really helps. I googled for solutions and this one came up. Apparently other people experience the same problem with 100% width sliders and images. They stutter.

Anyway I gonna keep it like this cause I need to move on.
Really appreciate the effort of trying to help me out.

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