"Cyberpunk 2077 Thank You Page" for Game Developers


some of you may noticed the Cyberpunk 2077 game release. It was a huge fail mainly caused by bad decisions from the leadership.

It must be so depressing for all the Polish Developers, working for many years and at the end in crunch on that game and then get so BIG hate. Even at Christmas.

I thought about building a simple Webflow page in Cyberpunk branding which should show the other site from the big hate… showing some love to the Cyberpunk developers. With a big button which says “THANK YOU”. Then a counter counts all thos Thank Yous and shows a big number. Hopefully that site gets viral and the number grows and the Polish developers smile again.

Anybody interested in collaborating building this site? I´m an Art Director and be able to build a good looking responsive site, but I don’t know how to build that counter.