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CV Builder - I would love your feedback 🙂

Hey, guys. I’m currently working on a side project called CV Builder, and I’m excited about hearing what you think about it and if you have some ideas for improvements. Which I would love to hear!

The idea for the site is people without access to Word, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop etc. can edit their CV straight in their browser, and then export the final document as a PDF, PNG and SVG file.

The site is not complete, I still need to fix a couple of bugs and add more content, such as guides, about page, etc.

But I’m just so excited to get some feedback, and what better place then to get it from the WF community :slight_smile:

Use promo-code: webflow for free download if you want to test it out.


Looks really good :slight_smile:
And here I was losing time designing CV’s in InDesign…

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Thanks so much @IggsTP :smiley:

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@IggsTP You can use promo-code: webflow if you want to test it out :wink:

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Lovely concept! One minor note: the logo looks just like Buffer’s, which was a little confusing on the CV template loading screen :slight_smile:

Oh damn :smiley: I see what you mean… I’ll create my own then :slight_smile: The one I’m using if a free one I found, and it looked really similar to the icon I use in my logo :slight_smile:

Appreciate the feedback @jmw! :webflow_heart:

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Whoa congrats on the Design, it looks really good and feels super smooth! Love the Q&A Section!

The only thing I noticed about the Design is that your “Feautures” Tab doesnt have any transitions/animations. Not dramatic imo but everything else has fade in animations so I noticed.

Other then that two more things:

All the Pages in the Footer don’t have the footer themselfs which feels odd.

And when I edit a Resume, the Text looks kind washed out. Might be because Retina Display ?

But alltogether everything feels and looks really neat!

Can you say something about the Backend and how you did the in Page Edit Funtionality? :slight_smile:

Hey Onul, thanks so much for the feedback! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

I don’t know why I didn’t make animations for the tab section, I haven’t really thought about it. But it makes sense, I’ll definitely get that done :grin:

And you are totally correct about the footer, I still need to add the footer to a bunch of the pages.

I also noticed the blurriness on Retina screens, and I thought about making a notification and only show it to users with high-resolution displays, saying something like “The cv might look blurry on high-resolution displays. But the downloaded file looks sharp and crispy…” Not like that, but you get the idea :wink:

I appreciate the feedback @0nul

Thanks @NikolajHaugaard :slight_smile:
I’ll give a try in completing a dummy CV and export it, and (just for fun) I’ll drop it to my manager to see what he thinks ^^

Also, in a more detailed feedback…
The website is easy to understand and use.
Interactions are easy on the eye and fast (gotta hate something that take ages to show up)
The use of the tabs is very cool the way you did :slight_smile:

All I wonder, is if you’re thinking of creating a database of some kind, and allow users to save their templates :slight_smile:
I for one, have about 4 different CV’s at one time.

Keep up the good work, and I’m sure your project will be very useful :smile:

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Haha, that sounds great @IggsTP. Let me know what he thinks :wink:

Actually, the “save for later” function is already implemented, but I just haven’t made it clear enough for the user yet.

The user have to sign-up before he starts to edit the cv in order to enable saving, but I’m still struggling a little with how I should tell them, without losing them in the process :smiley:

And thank you for all the kind words!

Nice… it looks like the sales / front end is webflow.

What’s in the middle ? I see WP and Woo Commerce / wpc editor.

I especially like the drag / drop features.

Guessing mysql on the php / back ?

Howdie @NikolajHaugaard

Dude, don’t be like that, drop us your build stack :grin:

I love each and every service nowadays that gets built on the web. The web is such a powerful tool and the largest network mankind has ever managed to create. I hope that one day, services like yours find as much appreciation as they truly deserve. Kudos!

Dudes … but why haven’t you migrated to an progressive web app yet? I write service worker code (sw.js scripts) every day. Do you guys need any help with that? I do raw. No build tools required.

Let me know if you are interested :smiley: (no charge!) I just want to hack away :smiley:

On another note, you could register @firebaseapp. After receiving your API key, you can easily send push notifications to your users. Because I can’t seem to find any push service registered when looking at your site w/ chrome dev tools. Or am I blind :D?

Why the *.net URL ?


Looks great! I’ll have to play around with it some more.

:+1: Looks great, nice work!

Don’t, let the visitor edit without having to login/register, when saving then you ask whether they want to purchase :wink:

Great looking site, well done, am already using the app, like it, may convert :smiley:

Wow, awesome idea! The link sends me to the showcase page :pensive: . Is it still possible to see it live?

Could you repost the link?

@Howdie Give us a shout. We are looking to add PWA features to CMS platforms that will allow ALL of the content of a CMS to be cached so the mobile website can be fully content-populated for offline use.

We produce an app that must be fully accessible in a “no internet connection” situation.

It contains 255+ mobile screens, so having the device user open each screen to cache them isn’t an option.

Let’s jabber some and collaborate and see if we can pull this off. Would love to incorporate PWA with full caching into the Joomla 3 platform.

Back to you.

Couple of answers:

  1. The apps are currently deployed via the Apple Enterprise Program, so UDID is needed to install it on a device.
  2. The app is very, very simple. Menus that link to content, which is along the lines of a loaded up employee handbook/manual.
  3. User interaction is minimal. More along the lines of a lot of menus that link to html-style content pages.
  4. We have about 255 individual html screens in the app, with some collateral reference screens.
  5. We do have about 50 pdf documents within the app, but these can be changed to images is needed.
  6. The functioning of the app is to have the information available when there is no internet.
  7. No database is needed to access any of the content – it is all static stuff.
  8. We have our own server with https, so can deploy it that way.
  9. If possible, interactions with device might be good, re: take a photo, etc. but not critical for the app.
  10. Was just curious about using Joomla as a CMS with the precaching, given we use that platform extensively for websites and have written two books about using Joomla.