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Customizing responsiveness - phone landscape view

I am stumped trying to figure out why the service content section on my home page is not translating to the landscape phone view. I have tried everything I can think of, but the bottom of the section continues to be white instead of gray like the rest of the section. It doesn’t seem to be the size of the block, as I have played with that over and over as well as the styles.

Here is my public share link: **LINK**

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Hi @jamie

I noticed that you have heights and negative bottom margins in your styles of that section. Try removing those and keeping everything as AUTO. This will help with scalability of your elements.

We actually talked about this in the last Webinar. Check this video out: (Fast forward about a minute in to understand the “Box model”)

I had checked that and I just tried again and I dont see any discrepancies with the margins… Could you direct me to the class where you see this please?

I have gone in to the section and made sure the margins are all on auto, but the issue is still there. I believe it have to do with the classes maybe… I have tried to create new classes on the different responsive sizes but that did not work either. I believe in my attempt I have just messed it up more. Please take a look at my link and instruct me on fixing it. Please!

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