Customizing CMS Blog Posts Per Category

Hi guys,

Is there a way that we can customize blog posts in the CMS by category?

For example, we have a language learning blog - ex. 17 Spanish Swear Words That Will Make You Want to Learn Spanish

And we’d like to customize the Call-to-action that we show depending on which language category the blog post CMS is on.

How can we do this?

Not sure if I get what you need, but Isotope might help with CMS category filtering:

Here’s a webflow example:

Hey @kbbk

Thanks for the resources.

Had a question. Can we use Finsweet’s Tabs and Filter attributes to achieve the same results?

I’m guessing you’re trying to make the button text language-specific?
If so, you can structure your collections like so-

CMS Collection - Language Blog, e.g. “Spanish”

  • Name
  • CTA button text

CMS Collection - Article, e.g. “17 Spanish Swear Words…”

  • Name
  • Link to the Language Blog it’s in
  • Article content
  • CTA button link

When you create the button on your Article Collection Item page, you can have the text come from the linked Collection, so it’s e.g. “consiguelo ahora” ( get it now ) or whatever blog-specific CTA text you want.

At the same time the specific link might be Article specific, so you can put that at the Article level, and build the button from both.