Customized slider leaving page action


We’re looking at creating a slider with the slide’s ‘leaving the page’ action similar to what’s seen here (the slide lifts and kind of rolls off page). Is this sort of thing doable with the Webflow slider? I realize it’s beyond the standard action, but could it be managed using the Interactions? Has anybody tried to customize the ‘leaving the page’ slide action?


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Nice effect. This is more a task for freelancer (Hard to answer by forum).

Start her:

tutorial 1

Create custom slider (Not webflow slider component).

Diff animation but the idea ± the same:

tutorial 2



Hi there,

Thanks. Yes, I found those videos too. Not exactly what I’m after but they look helpful.


For anybody looking into this as well. I have answered a bit of my question with some testing, it is possible to get some Interaction action on the slide content using the Slider Change setting in the Interactions.
My test is all basic stuff at this stage, but it may lead somewhere good.
Can see the test here if interested

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