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Customize Webflow Rich Text with Sweet Text!

Hello, Webflow community! :wave:

We created Sweet Text to take Webflow’s Rich Text block to the next level! :rocket:

You can add Webflow Interactions, apply styles and add custom classes, to any text inside a Webflow Rich Text block. Sweet Text works with static elements and CMS Rich Text fields. You can use Sweet Text natively in Webflow Designer and Editor.

Made with :muscle: by Finsweet


Keep it up! Really awesome. Thanks!

Implementing this ASAP. :+1:

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@Drew_Schafer You’re welcome! :raised_hands:

Show us how you used Sweet Text!

Super cool! can’t wait to take a deeper look :partying_face:

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I have followed instructions but for some reason can’t get this to work. Would appreciate assistance please.


Hey, @dbailey! Send us a message over on Slack at and one of our Devs will help you out! :slight_smile:


is something like this example possible with sweet text?
Really awesome tool, thank you so much.